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The Lumbersexual

It’s no secret that Corinna Blake is passionate about nature. She spends most of her time traipsing around the woodlands, communing with the local flora. The only thing she enjoys more is a little hard wood, Corinna is ready to show off her sexual side, her lumbersexual side. She’ll be yelling Timber! as she goes down onto Markus’ redwood. She’s certain to get that beautiful ass of hers stumped before headed out on another forest adventure.


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Find a Thrill

Corinna Blake is a woman who likes to live life on the edge. So, when she caught her co-worker Kris Slater checking her out when he thought she wasn’t looking, it gave her a very naughty feeling. She slipped into his office, seducing him slowly by slinking out of her clothing bit by bit until she was down to nothing but some lace lingerie. Gently, Corinna took Kris’ throbbing hard cock out of his pants and gave him an unforgettable blowjob. She wrapped his manhood in her soft big breasts, and tit-fucked him until her pussy was dripping wet and aching for his dick.

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